High School Isn’t Mandatory

High School Is Not Mandatory

High School just isn’t in the program at our house. And it’s not that we have any burning issue with the local high school programs, public or private. We just don’t have time for it. Too much. Too busy. Let’s just keep it simple people. When I meet new people and tell them that we…

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3 Reasons My Kids Break The Rules

Featured Image 3 Reasons My Kids Break The Rules

On days I leave my cave (yes, that means some days I don’t, which is completely fine with me), when I drive through my neighborhood, I always, as in always, always, think wistfully about our neighbors as I pass their house. They’re the ones that don’t have kids, who are about our age and have a…

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Family Photos With a 10,000 Word Backstory

Family Photos Story Behind The Smiles

The Story Behind The Smiles These last few years, the first day of school at our house has been very random and never really very clear. It even strikes on different days depending on who you are. That’s why I stick with our First Day of School Picture tradition on the front porch. If I…

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Defined by a Desk

Maria Slaby

When I was little I always wanted a desk. As in really, really, really wanted a desk. I can still remember going to friends’ houses and exploring their bedrooms and bee-lining it to their desks, trying them on for size, dazzled by the skinny pencil drawer and cubbies. Come to think of it, I’m not…

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Voting is not a religious experience


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