How I knew I should follow my dream and the power of self-imposed exile

Embracing a dream isn't for the faint of heart. See my new blog post. Link in my profile. #dreams #goalsetting #mariaslaby

Getting away alone, completely unencumbered by daily tasks and distractions has been a fantasy I’ve carried in my heart for years. Anyone with a bigger list of To Do’s than Already Done’s can probably relate to this. If only I could run away to escape all the noise and chaos of my everyday life, I…

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Catch and Release Education

Catch and Release Education Life is not a test.

Life Is Not A Test. Formal education. What does that really mean? To me it means catch and release. We toss out facts for students to catch, only to be released after the test. The result isn’t a depth of knowledge, rather a box checked. True retention and mastery is bypassed in the race for…

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High School Isn’t Mandatory

High School Is Not Mandatory

High School just isn’t in the program at our house. And it’s not that we have any burning issue with the local high school programs, public or private. We just don’t have time for it. Too much. Too busy. Let’s just keep it simple people. When I meet new people and tell them that we…

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Family Photos With a 10,000 Word Backstory

Family Photos Story Behind The Smiles

The Story Behind The Smiles These last few years, the first day of school at our house has been very random and never really very clear. It even strikes on different days depending on who you are. That’s why I stick with our First Day of School Picture tradition on the front porch. If I…

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