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Finally a planner that's more about The Planning and less about The Planner!

  • Project-based daily plan to keep you focused.
  • Project-based goals because we're all multi-dimensional!
  • More fun than a plain old notepad to keep you on task.
  • More personal than a digital notepad. Muse at your scribbles.
  • More in-your-face than an digital notepad...Paper & pen hold our attention better.
  • Print out as many as you need.
  • Collect and save them all. (I have years' worth of these all in a folder for me to look back and marvel at all the stuff I've done!)
  • Designed to be printed in b & w to save you toner.
  • Designed with some doodle space cuz I couldn't resist. It's my therapy. Doodling.
  • 4 different styles to choose from, from funky & edgy to all business. Good for guys & gals.

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Enjoy my Keep It Simple Planner. Focus for your dreams!

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