How I knew I should follow my dream and the power of self-imposed exile

Embracing a dream isn't for the faint of heart. See my new blog post. Link in my profile. #dreams #goalsetting #mariaslaby

Getting away alone, completely unencumbered by daily tasks and distractions has been a fantasy I’ve carried in my heart for years. Anyone with a bigger list of To Do’s than Already Done’s can probably relate to this. If only I could run away to escape all the noise and chaos of my everyday life, I…

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Defined by a Desk

Maria Slaby

When I was little I always wanted a desk. As in really, really, really wanted a desk. I can still remember going to friends’ houses and exploring their bedrooms and bee-lining it to their desks, trying them on for size, dazzled by the skinny pencil drawer and cubbies. Come to think of it, I’m not…

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