Sometimes Life Stinks. Fear Not. It’s Temporary.

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I was just inspired to beat out this post, one glass down, after I saw this quote on Facebook.

It said, “Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”

Normally, I’d embrace it from the love from whence it came, but tonight I’m a little jaded.

I’m having a crap day. YES. Really. One of those undefinable, maybe definable, but I’ll save you the details, bull crap kinda days.

Nothing earth shattering but not necessarily not life changing either.  Time marched on as usual, but it wasn’t one where I took one step toward where I want to be tomorrow. No pressure, sweetie. (Blech!)

Normally a post like this would zoom past me with hearts and sunshine and it’d be nothin’ butta thang.

But today it stabbed me front and center.

It’s serious. This social media business. No one wants to really be that one. You know the one.

The one that complains. The one that’s negative. We avoid and are annoyed by “those people.”

Yet Suzy Sunshine annoys the hell out of us just as much.

But none of us can stop looking at either car accident.

We just want chill. Or more cat posts. Or more dog posts. Or more Tasty videos.

Ok. Chill.

I can do chill.

And most of the time, frankly, I feel like I err on channeling Suzy Sunshine, but at times like now, I’m full blown Negative Nellie.

Relax. I’ll spare you the details why. Even I don’t want to rehash that. Just suffice it to say, I’m there. At this moment. Inside my personal crap sandwich. One that my husband says is only exacerbated by the second glass of wine he just poured. Which only caused him a whole lot of undue duress.

He should’ve quit while he was ahead . . .

Just sayin’.

Every day on Facebook, we see post after nauseating post of wonder, merriment and perfection. Trust me, I know I’ve contributed. I mean really. Are we really gonna post the crap sandwich we’re feeling today? No. We learned early and young. Zip it.

And for the most part, actually, in all reality, and pretending I’m not one glass of wine down, I would totally agree with me on that. Zip it. Don’t even voice that crap. Don’t acknowledge. Rise above. Breeze on by baby.

But really, some days you just need to let it rip.

And when my crap sandwich lands, I’m sooooo thankful to have ONE person in my life who raises his hand high to receive the beast that’s me. Yes. I’ve got ONE. well, actually even TWO (thanks Mom!). But I have ONE person in my life, who so patiently listens to (or acts like he listens to) everything I’m needing to vent.

And every time I vent him my Everything, I’m so thankful, and even (often) (always) remind him, it’s temporary.

Just cuz, even I scare myself with the things I’m feeling.

And guess what happens?

It gets better.

It truly BECOMES temporary.

I don’t know the SCIENCE to it.

There is no REASON to it.

NOTHING was solved.

He learned a long time ago to stop trying to solve my problems and just say exactly what I want to hear.

He quickly learned (when I told him) to be my girlfriend.

Most of the time it doesn’t even take a full glass of wine.

But something shifts.

And I feel better.

Not sure exactly why.

Not sure if he does something so stupid and insane that makes me laugh, or if he just allows me to cuss the ever living hell out of myself, and says something just right that tells me it will be all ok.

Or if, like tonight, he asks if I’d like a smoothie.

Either way. Any way. I think the solution is in the Listen. The Yes. The I understand. I hear you. You matter. You’re important. What you’re saying matters.

Whatever it is. I start to feel better.

Nothing was solved.

The problem is still there.

I’ll bitch about it another day, unbeknownst to both of us.

But for whatever reason, suddenly in that series of moments, insanity gets reduced to silly and a smoothie.

Drama is reduced to insignificance.

All’s better.

That’s what we do. When we’re significant to our each others.

We fix nothing. But mean everything.

We solve no problems.

But we make the moment better.

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